Goo and Gak


This isn’t the craftiest of projects but it is summer and we have got to keep the kids engaged and busy.  I found a couple of recipes, one on Pinterest and another I Googled and then pinned to Pinterest.  I have to say that Pinterest has been a highlight in my crafting lately.  I bought some Sculpey clay and I am amazed at what a search on Pinterest comes up with but I digress.

The two recipes are super easy to make and kept my kids busy for at least an hour.  Before you do either of these projects I would recommend also buying or making sure you have baking soda on hand for when your little ones hands turn the color of the goo or gak.

Recipe for goo – My kids liked this one the most.  It was the messiest.  It only calls for three ingredients and is very inexpensive to make.  Cornstarch at Walmart was 70 cents, water and food coloring.  Which I learned will turn your kids hands the color they pick.  Goo is a liquid and if pressed becomes hard.  It is very strange and fun.


Have no fear after another Google search and some different attempts to remove the food coloring from skin I found that baking soda poured on their hands and an old fashion bar of soap did the job.

Recipe for gak –  We had a ton of glue left over from school so we used that and this one is my favorite because it was not messy. The down side is you only need a tsp of borax soap but I could only find a big box.  The box was less than $4 and I can use it for other projects.  Again it turned the kids hands blue but we knew how to fix that mom problem.  The kids really enjoyed having colored hands. Gak reminds me of the slimy stuff you can get in candy machines or Flarp.  It is gooey but stays together.


These two project are very easy and inexpensive.  We have a theme each week for the summer.  This week is Harry Potter week so we made this potions class.


One thought on “Goo and Gak

  1. how fun! can i come spend summer at your house??? math at my house just isn’t that fun 🙂

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